Baby dolls for girls

I don't have Samantha and not yet Nellie, but she'll come soon. Samantha is a strong, firm girl who doesn't cry when she scrapes her knee (see the movie "Samantha, An American Girl."). She has been around for more than 20 years and a new AG doll will join.

I purchased a similar doll from American Girl Company for my niece last year when she was six and she loves her. And being a retired doll, I thought the price was reasonable. The Samantha doll is a must have for any girl. Samantha provides educational values and values for life. Anyway, Samantha was one of the first dolls of AG.
I recommend this product for any only child that seeks to gain improvements in their imagination and long-term wisdom. You will not regret the purchase.

American Girl Nellie Doll & Paperback Book

 American Girl Nellie

Every girl should have an American Girl Doll. Nellie and Samantha are special.
Nellie is a good doll to choose from. I was lucky enough to get her in 2008 before the price of her went through the roof. My daughter learns about different periods in American History from reading the books. You need to buy here while she last.