Little Live Pets Puppy

Little Live Pets Puppy

Technology is so amazing that it can create toys that look and feel just like the real thing - as is the case with the Little Live Pets Puppy. This adorable pet will be a welcome addition to your child’s play time.

He’s so realistic and so interactive it’s astonishing to watch the toy in action. It will be in big demand this year, since it’s part of Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys of 2016 list. He has light brown fur that is incredibly soft to the touch - just like a real puppy’s fur is.

He has big, beautiful eyes and comes with a collar. Kids love to cuddle up to the puppy and even though he’s a work of electronic genius, the way he’s created, these electronics aren’t intrusive at all.

So if your child wants to sleep with the toy in his or her bed, you won’t have to worry about them bumping into something hard or uncomfortable in the toy. This Little Live Pet is fully interactive and will respond to any of the attention that your child gives to him.

Kids love to put his back, touch his little nose or feed him with the bottle that comes along with the purchase. The dog will delight your child the way he engages with them. If a child rubs the puppy’s back, he loves the attention and will respond by panting as well as letting out short, excited barks.

If your child rubs the top of the puppy’s soft head, he’ll react by closing his eyes, his pink tongue protrudes and he’ll make panting. The sounds and the movements are so interactive that it’s like having a real, live puppy to play with.

If you turn the puppy upside down so that his stomach is facing up, then his legs will go limp with relaxation. While he’s on his back like that, if your child gently rubs his stomach, the dog will fall asleep and begin to emit cute little snoring sounds.

What really fascinates both kids and adults alike is the action that happens once you tuck the puppy down for the night. As he lies in whatever bed you choose to buy for him and goes to sleep, his side will rise and fall and you can actually hear him breathing as well as snoring.

It’s so realistic and so adorable that kids can’t stop wanting to cuddle with him. He has the cutest brown eyes that just beg for hugs. He’s the perfect companion pet for boys or girls aged 4 or older. Along with the bottle, the puppy also comes with an adoption certificate that kids can use to put in their information as the new puppy owner.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batcave

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batcave

The Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batcave is a playset that will make fans of both superheroes happy. The Batcave playset has four different levels for play and stands four feet tall so it provides the perfect setting for children to act out all their favorite scenes from the Batman v. Superman movie.

Batman vs. Superman: [DAWN OF JUSTICE] *NEW* Metal Symbol Key chain Durable Collector's Item (Silver) 
This amazing Batman vs. Superman: [DAWN OF JUSTICE] *NEW* Metal Symbol Key chain Durable Collector's Item (Silver) is an interesting item for my child.

The playset also comes with a six inch Bruce Wayne figure that’s already dressed in his iconic Batman costume, just like in the movie. Children of all ages will easily be able to see that Mattel paid plenty of attention to the details when designing this action figure.

The completed character really does look like the character in the movie. The first level of the Batcave has a training room which comes complete with a punching dummy so that Bruce Wayne can practice his moves when he’s not busy defending the city.

Across from the workout room is the garage, which stores the Bat Mobile. Between the two rooms is an elevator that kids can use to move their action figures throughout the house.

On the second level, there’s a green jail cell that’s big enough to hold Batman’s enemies. Across from the cell, players will find a room that houses Batman’s costumes so that he’s always prepared for his next crime fight.

These costumes are attached to the wall and can’t be moved but they do give a realistic feel to the design. The third level of the Batcave has a command center with screens that let Batman monitor the city both day and night.

But what’s most exciting about this room is that it features a trap door. If an enemy tries to attack Bruce in the command center, he’ll fall through the trap door into the green jail cell on the second floor.

The fourth level is the one that has the beloved Bat signal light. Kids can swivel the symbol to shine the light in the night sky. If Batman senses an enemy attacking from the sky, he can launch missiles from the nearby cannon and defeat the villain’s plans.

One of the most exciting features of this Batcave playset is that it has a working zipline. Children will enjoy zooming Batman along the zipline as he rushes to save his fellow citizens. Expect to see this area of the playset get the most use because it’s so cool. Kids (and, yes - even adults) will want to play with the zipline again and again.

Batman vs. Superman: [DAWN OF JUSTICE] *NEW* Metal Symbol Key chain Durable Collector's Item (Silver) 
This amazing Batman vs. Superman: [DAWN OF JUSTICE] *NEW* Metal Symbol Key chain Durable Collector's Item (Silver) is an interesting item for my child.

Besides a beautifully designed Batman action figure, this playset comes with over twenty different accessories. This gives the Batcave plenty of repeat play value and ensures that kids will spend hours acting out various superhero storylines.Click here for more details.

Hot Wheels AI Racing Playset

Hot Wheels AI Racing Playset

Some of the most beloved car collections of all time are the Hot Wheels toys. They’re fun to play with as is, but when you combine them with a playset, the fun never ceases. Now, with the Hot Wheels AI Racing Playset, your child will be able to experience his favorite cars in a way unlike any other.

Thee Hot Wheels cars are Smart cars. That means they have the ability to run the track and move all on their own thanks to artificial intelligence. You can even set up a race and the independently handled Hot Wheels car will automatically know how to drive against you as it battles to win.

It’s known as the Intelligent Race System because it’s unlike any other. When you get this playset, you receive two of the remote control cars as well as two of the gaming controllers.

What this set allows players to do is to compete like they were playing in a video game. This feature allows the cars to zoom along reaching incredible speeds of 180 MPH. It’s so real, you’ll think you’re at the racetrack.

You can play in a variety of racing modes and the set is changeable for hours of replay options. There are 20 pieces with the track which enables kids to be able to create more than 40 different configurations for racetracks which gives you more than 16 feet of track.

This playset is cutting edge technology that brings the video game experience to real life. It even has same style of racing commentaries that you’d hear at a real life track. But you’ll need more than your fast ability to operate a remote to beat your opponent.

The track allows whoever you’re playing with to toss obstacles in your way. You might face problems such a tire blowing out or having your engine fail. You’ll also have to avoid wreck-inducing oil spills and keep up with pit stops.

You can choose to set the game based on the racing mode and skill level that you want to pick. One of the game modes you can pick is the practice mode. This lets users try out the track they’re going to play on and also to improve their racing time.

If you choose the championship mode, you can race against friends or the artificial intelligence. If you pick the free play mode, you can race the cars off the track. The skill levels are for beginner, advanced and expert.

The Hot Wheels AI playset has a carry case so that you can easily move the racetrack from one location to another. This toy is suitable for children who are 8 years old and up.